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Watch " Birth Of The Sun" Series on YouTube

AmadeusRocKBand is dropping a series of episodes talking about " Birth Of The Sun" EP.
"Birth Of The Sun" reflects on how an individual's freedom is highly connected to a society's freedom even when individuals don't realize it, fighting their…

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AmadeusRockBand releases debut EP "Birth Of The Sun" Sunday 21st, Aprl, 2019.

“Birth Of The Sun” is an EP that was written and tracked around the world, with the widest reflections, impressions and understandings of people, societies and lands…

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New Video By AmadeusRockBand

It's here.. "Paradox Of Days And Dreams " Lyrics video is out!

' Paradox Of Days And Dreams'' is the first song of the psychedelic progressive rock concept EP ''Birth Of The Sun''. 

The theme of the song…

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New Release By Amadeus Rock Band " The Giant"

It is here! Finally the new instrumental rock piece from Amadeus Rock Band.

'The Giant' is the 4th song of the EP ‘Birth of the Sun’. A rock versatile instrumental which took years to track in Amadeus studios in…

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VoyageLA Interviews AmadeusRockBand!!

Amadeus friends.. Great news!!

VoyageLA magazine had just interviewed AmadeusRockBand founder Ali Talaea.

Under the ' Thought provokers' section, the interview sheds the light on the journey of the band, the art and the music..

Check the…

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Amadeus spins on Radio in US !

One more for the rock.. A big highlight \m/

Tonight, Amadeus Rock Band is featured on KBU 99.1 FM local artist spot..

The Rock Radio show broadcasts from beautiful Malibu in California, airing top rock songs through the…

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New Logo for Amadeus Rock Band !

A special thank you to our true friend and fan of the band -Jose Garval..

Jose helped us finally to land on a new logo for the band. Hard effort was spent on this. Amazing gesture from this artist.

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New Line Up - Ultimate Psychedelic Prog Rock\m/

Amadeus Rock Band started originally in Alexandria, Egypt. Before I took my guitar and crossed the ocean to the states, a big number of wonderful musicians had joined this journey, in different stages, different countries,each brought in a definitive inspiration…

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Next Up! Amadeus Rock Band New Release!

In August, one more rock tune from Amadeus Rock Band!

' The Giant' is a rock piece written for 3 guitars.The instrumental is the 4th single of the EP ' Birth Of The Sun' and will be released on…

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Amadeus Rock Band Interview on MusicPreneur

Amadues friends \m/

Glad to announce that Musicpreneur will be featuring Amadeus Rock Band next Saturday, February 17th,2018 at 3 PM PST.

Amadeus Rock Band will be talking about the band journey, new music and releases, all things…

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' Birth Of The Sun ' US Tour

It's on, the first official US tour for Amadeus Rock Band, 'Birth Of The Sun' Tour, summer of 2018..

The psychedelic progressive 70's rock EP is set for release 21st of April, 2018 and first two songs were released…

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New Song by Amadeus Rock Band!

Finally here, new song by Amadeus Rock Band ' Memories in your eyes'.

'Memories in your eyes' is the 4th song of 'Birth Of the Sun' EP. A concept EP echoing various genres of rock ;psychedelic, progressive,experimental and 70's rock. 

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Amadeus Releases New Song in November!

Upcoming!Amadeus releases a new progressive psychedelic rock song on 11th of November,2017- 'Memories in Your Eyes'.

'Memories in Your eyes ' is the 4th song of the concept EP - 'Birth of The Sun' which was first tracked in…

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'Paradox Of Days And Dreams' Release!

It is here! Finally !

The official debut single of Amadeus Rock Band : 'Paradox of Days And Dreams ' is available on Amadeus Rock Band website and Bandcamp, very soon on all major digital stores.There had been a…

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Amadeus releases the psychedelic progressive rock concept EP ''Birth Of The Sun''.

Listen to the songs here.



Amadeus Rock Band is an Egyptian rock band, formed in Alexandria, Egypt in 1998. 

Amadeus Rock Band music echoes directions of many genres around rock;classic, progressive, psychedelic, experimental rock to create its new influential sound. The band's musical journey started in Egypt by founder Ali Talaea, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Reputed as one of Egyptian rock icons the band then expanded performing in North Africa, Europe and recently the United states. 

Their first single ' Paradox Of Days And Dreams' was released on 26th of August,2017. Amadeus Rock Band released second single  ' Memories in Your Eyes' on 13th of November, 2017 and followed it by third single " Separation ". Full EP was released  in April 21st,2019.

AmadeusRockBand music had been featured on Radio and was covered by Voyage LA magazine in "Though Provokers" section. AmadeusRockBand is preparing "Birth Of The Sun" tour and the release of the single "Move On" in summer of 2019.

Check Amadeus Rock Band full story here .