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Amadeus Rock Band is the rock child of songwriter Ali Talaea.


Ali started playing guitar by creating new guitar tuning at the age of 16. Within one year, his brother Yasser Talaea would join the experiment. The two brothers began singing and meeting teenage musicians to plant the seed of the band in Alexandria, Egypt.


In 1998, briefly after a government crackdown on rock music in Egypt, a small rock scene started to re-emerge in Alexandria. It was then that Amadeus Rock Band had its first full formation and started to perform intensively and organize shows in the city. The band’s impressive repertoire of classic rock covers and singing talent quickly gained recognition and led to the band expanding their shows to Cairo and started to steadily play across Egypt’s top venues.  


Amadeus Rock Band started to introduce its original music to Egyptian fans in 2004. And, after a rigorous 12 years of hard work since band formation, they performed abroad for the first time, in Hungary in 2012.


Amadeus Rock Band was invited again to play in the ‘Amber is the Color’ Festival in Debrecen, Hungary, in 2011, a significant show right after which the news of the Egyptian revolution was breaking out internationally.


Inspired by the events and the drastic cultural change, the band’s founder Ali Talaea opened Amadeus Studios to fully produce a decade of songwriting as well as produce for other local rock artists. Later on, Ali established Amadeus Rock School in Cairo to empower the local rock scene. In the three years that followed, the waves of the revolution became an artistic and a cultural turning point in the history of Egypt and the surrounding region. It inspired the songwriting of the concept EP Birth of the Sun which was tracked in Amadeus Studios in 2013.


Amadeus Rock Band showcased their Birth of the Sun’ EP again in Debrecen, Hungary in 2013. The band’s founder Ali Talaea then started to promote the EP in the United States, showcasing the music in over 100 shows from Miami to Los Angeles.


Amadeus Rock Band’s music echoes directions of many genres around rock: classic, progressive, psychedelic, and experimental rock in order to create a new influential sound.Full EP was released  in April 21st,2019.

AmadeusRockBand music had been featured on Radio and was covered by Voyage LA magazine in "Though Provokers" section. AmadeusRockBand is preparing "Birth Of The Sun" tour and the release of the single "Move On" in 2020.