3 Days Left! Amadeus Release on 26th of August!

Only 3 days left  for the release of Amadeus single ' Paradox of Days And Dreams'. 

'' Paradox Of Days And Dreams '' is the first song of the psychedelic progressive rock EP '' Birth Of The Sun''.The song…

AMADEUS Debut Single Release -- 26th Of August,2017

It's on ,debut release date is set - 26th Of August! 

Amadeus Rock Band will be releasing the  single : 'Paradox of days & dreams' , the first song of the concept psychedelic progressive rock EP ' Birth of The Sun '.

New Release - ' Paradox Of Days And Dreams ' in August!

The first official single of Amadeus Rock Band release will be in August, 2017!

Amadeus Rock Band is the rock child of Songwriter Ali Talaea, an Egyptian rocker who started the band in 1998.

'Paradox of days & dreams' is…

More Shows in the City of Angels!

After a great starting show in Burbank, Amadeus Rock Band is booked for more shows in the Los Angeles Area!
Check all our shows in the shows section,more rock , more shows , more music..

You know the word ..Amadeus.. 

Amadeus Rocks LA!

20 years ago, Ali found an old map in his father's office.
Torn in some parts, an old map that its paper had turned to an inspiring yellow.
Putting that map next to the guitar, he started playing till dawn. And while he was lowering his voice, he…

Rock Era Magazine article on 'Birth of the Sun' !

The Middle East leading Rock Era Magazine covers the release of 'Birth of The Sun' for Amadeus Rock Band .
The magazine is instrumental in evolving the rock and independent artist scene in the middle east.

Stay tuned for it…