New Line Up - Ultimate Psychedelic Prog Rock\m/

Amadeus Rock Band started originally in Alexandria, Egypt. Before I took my guitar and crossed the ocean to the states, a big number of wonderful musicians had joined this journey, in different stages, different countries,each brought in a definitive inspiration to the band. 

We are very glad  to announce Amadeus Rock Band line up has now a new drummer, Ryan Korkes, as well as a new guitarist Loris Easaien. Two true music wizards who push Amadeus sound to where it needs to be. Full rock'n'roll.

The current line up is:

Ryan Korkes : Drums and percussion.

Loris Easaien: Guitars

Bernie Godwin III : Bass

Ali Talaea : Vocals and Guitars..

You know the word .. Amadeus .. To the stars..




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