More Shows in the City of Angels!

After a great starting show in Burbank, Amadeus Rock Band is booked for more shows in the Los Angeles Area!
Check all our shows in the shows section,more rock , more shows , more music..

You know the word ..Amadeus.. 


Amadeus Rocks LA!

20 years ago, Ali found an old map in his father's office.
Torn in some parts, an old map that its paper had turned to an inspiring yellow.
Putting that map next to the guitar, he started playing till dawn. And while he was lowering his voice, he kept asking a question:

'Where should this music touch the face of the earth ?'.

His finger tips kept landing on parts of the world along with each musical idea and composition. 

Amadeus Rock Band is in LA! Check the coming shows in the city of angels!

You know the…

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Rock Era Magazine article on 'Birth of the Sun' !

The Middle East leading Rock Era Magazine covers the release of 'Birth of The Sun' for Amadeus Rock Band .
The magazine is instrumental in evolving the rock and independent artist scene in the middle east.

Stay tuned for it!





We released '' Paradox Of Days And Dreams'' and '' Memories Of Your Eyes '' from the psychedelic progressive rock concept EP ''Birth Of The Sun''.

Listen to the songs here.



Amadeus Rock Band is an Egyptian rock band, formed in Alexandria, Egypt in 1998. 

Amadeus Rock Band music echoes directions of many genres around rock;classic, progressive, psychedelic, experimental rock to create its new influential sound. The band's musical journey started in Egypt by founder Ali Talaea, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Reputed as one of Egyptian rock icons the band then expanded performing in North Africa, Europe and recently the United states. 

Amadeus Rock Band is currently producing their release ' Birth of the Sun'.The first single ' Paradox Of Days And Dreams' was released on 26th of August,2017. Amadeus Rock Band released second single  ' Memories in Your Eyes' on 13th of November, 2017 and full EP is set for release early 2018.
Check Amadeus Rock Band full story here .


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