'Memories in your eyes ' is the 4th song of the concept EP - 'Birth of The Sun'.

It is the transforming song of the EP musically and emotionally. Composed originally by Ali Talaea for improvising sessions of the band, the lyrics written years later inspired Ali to put it into a tune and track it in Amadeus Studios in Cairo and finally produced it in Los Angeles, United States.

The song was released on 13th of November, 2017.

' Paradox Of Days And Dreams'' is the first song of the psychedelic progressive rock concept EP ''Birth Of The Sun''.

The theme of the song was written right before going on stage in one of the major rock concerts for the band held in Alexandria, Egypt. Inspired by the  outbreak of Egyptian revolution,  the final form of the song was showcased in Egypt, Europe and United States. It was finally produced and released on 26th of August,2017 in the United States.




' Separation' is the second song of the progressive rock concept EP '' Birth Of The Sun''. A hard rock single that was fully written and tracked in Amadeus Studios by songwriter Ali Talaea in Egypt. 

The first drafts of the song were written in the village of Keked, near the border line of Hungary and Romania after a performance for the band in 2010. The idea of the song was inspired by a unique conversation in the forests of this rural area in Hungary. The young lady argued with Ali on how generations of the world is bearing the weight of separation between woman and man. 

The song was released on 6th of May, 2018.



A decade of songwriting and inspired by the Egyptian revolution, ''Birth of the sun '' is the debut psychedelic progressive rock concept EP of Amadeus Rock Band. The first recordings took place in Amadeus Studios in 2013,Cairo, Egypt.The EP was afterwards showcased intensively in Egypt, Europe and the United States .Full EP was released  in April 21st,2019.

AmadeusRockBand music had been featured on Radio and was covered by Voyage LA magazine in "Though Provokers" section. AmadeusRockBand is preparing "Birth Of The Sun" tour and the release of the single "Move On" in summer of 2019.

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