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AmadeusRocKBand is dropping a series of episodes talking about " Birth Of The Sun" EP.
"Birth Of The Sun" reflects on how an individual's freedom is highly connected to a society's freedom even when individuals don't realize it, fighting their personal battles through the courses of their lives. 
It was inspired by a spark of awakening that occurred in the middle east in the past few years. Although Ali wrote the songs many years ago, life had preserved an official release of the works until these events occurred in the year 2011 and onwards.

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AmadeusRockBand releases debut EP "Birth Of The Sun" Sunday 21st, Aprl, 2019.

“Birth Of The Sun” is an EP that was written and tracked around the world, with the widest reflections, impressions and understandings of people, societies and lands. It is a piece of a musician’s soul projected across years of inspiration and devotion to the bless of music - says Ali Talaea, founder of the band.

EP will be available everywhere digitally and also in physical CDs through the AmadeusRocKBand store here..

Stay tuned for the release, you know the word, AMADEUS\m/

New Video By AmadeusRockBand 

It's here.. "Paradox Of Days And Dreams " Lyrics video is out!

' Paradox Of Days And Dreams'' is the first song of the psychedelic progressive rock concept EP ''Birth Of The Sun''. 

The theme of the song was written right before going on stage in one of the major rock concerts for the band held in Alexandria, Egypt.

Check it out at -- 


You Know the word, \AMADEUS/



New Release By Amadeus Rock Band " The Giant"  

It is here! Finally the new instrumental rock piece from Amadeus Rock Band.

'The Giant' is the 4th song of the EP ‘Birth of the Sun’. A rock versatile instrumental which took years to track in Amadeus studios in Cairo and finally to produce Los Angeles, CA.  And it is now available on Amadeus Rock Band Website and BandCamp, very soon to be available everywhere digitally!

Enjoy the solid rock tune.. You know the word ... AMADEUS \m/

Amadeus spins on Radio in US !  

One more for the rock.. A big highlight \m/

Tonight, Amadeus Rock Band is featured on KBU 99.1 FM local artist spot..

The Rock Radio show broadcasts from beautiful Malibu in California, airing top rock songs through the decades and local artists orginals and is hosted by artist Lunden Reign.. The show will feature Amadeus Rock Band songs " Separation" and " Paradox Of Days And Dreams" from the EP " Birth of The Sun" tonight 8.21.18 at 7 PM, tomorrow 8.22.18 at 3 PM and Thursday 8.23.18 at 7 PM ..

The show is also streaming online on

Another great vibration in this journey.. Enjoy the songs and expect more of Amadeus Music ..

You know it... AMADEUS\m/


New Logo for Amadeus Rock Band ! 

A special thank you to our true friend and fan of the band -Jose Garval..

Jose helped us finally to land on a new logo for the band. Hard effort was spent on this. Amazing gesture from this artist.

Jose is a graphic artist with more than 30 years in the industry doing artwork for the likes of Guitar Center and major music publications.Specially from such talent, we are really grateful for such a gift.. 

Merchandise with the new logo will be available in our next shows\m/\m/ 

You know it..The word is ..


New Line Up - Ultimate Psychedelic Prog Rock\m/ 

Amadeus Rock Band started originally in Alexandria, Egypt. Before I took my guitar and crossed the ocean to the states, a big number of wonderful musicians had joined this journey, in different stages, different countries,each brought in a definitive inspiration to the band. 

We are very glad  to announce Amadeus Rock Band line up has now a new drummer, Ryan Korkes, as well as a new guitarist Loris Easaien. Two true music wizards who push Amadeus sound to where it needs to be. Full rock'n'roll.

The current line up is:

Ryan Korkes : Drums and percussion.

Loris Easaien: Guitars

Bernie Godwin III : Bass

Ali Talaea : Vocals and Guitars..

You know the word .. Amadeus .. To the stars..




Next Up! Amadeus Rock Band New Release! 

In August, one more rock tune from Amadeus Rock Band!

' The Giant' is a rock piece written for 3 guitars.The instrumental is the 4th single of the EP ' Birth Of The Sun' and will be released on 25th Of August, 2018.

It will be available everywhere digitally, for the rock, wait for it\m/

Amadeus.. To the stars\m/

'SEPARATION' - A new song by Amadeus Rock Band 

It is FINALLY here!

New release by Amadeus Rock Band - 'Separation'. Available now on Bandcamp and Amadeus Rock Band Website.

The first drafts of the song were written in the village of Keked, near the border line of Hungary and Romania after a performance in 2010. The idea of the song was inspired by a unique conversation in the forests of this rural area in Hungary. The young lady argued with Ali on how generations of the world is bearing the weight of separation between woman and man. The following year, another unique event, the Egyptian revolution, inspired Ali in this song to also reflect more about the cycle of change in societies and reflect more on separation between societies' past, present and future generations.

Soon on all digital platforms, listen to the song here, you know the word,




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